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Dog Groomer Match™

Connect With Mobile Dog Groomers in Your Area

The Dog Groomer Match™ service connects you with mobile dog grooming in your area that provides service and accommodations second to none for your dog!

Nationwide Dog Groomers

Across the US, there are people that specialize in dog grooming. Grooming a dog is an art, a talent that is a lot more than just washing, and brushing animals. Dog groomers have knowledge of different breeds and how each are to be cut. Each of the groomers in our network are able to provide you with pictures of their work. Most of the local dog groomers are able to groom your dogs breed perfectly. Many have studied grooming and trimming under the tutelage of an experienced and professional groomer. Our specialists have both a natural ability to connect with different breeds by having the capability to understand their habits as well as their coats so that they can give your dog the best grooming experience possible.

When finding dog groomers with experience, and a great reputation, it's important to know that the recommendation comes from a source you trust. After your grooming appointment is set, you'll make sure that the dog groomer knows if your dog will need things such as muzzles, or special shampoos. The groomer should become acquainted with your dogs breed and any habits that they may have. If a dog is a biter, the groomer will need to take precaution so that the dog does not bite while the groomer is trimming their face or toe nails.

Select A Dog Groomer In Your Area

Dog Grooming Specialists

Most dogs become accustomed to their groomers and the grooming techniques so being matched with the right specialist is important to both you and your dog. The groomer develops a system of handling each dog as they begin to understand your loved one and their habits. We know some dogs need to be on a leash during grooming while others enjoy their grooming so much, they look forward to being in the washing and brushing stations. A dog grooming can take a few hours to complete if the groomer is trimming toenails, washing, brushing, and cutting the dog, but rest assured your special pet is well taken care of. Our best dog groomers will complete the session with accessories such as bandanas, hair bows, or special clothing.

Tips for the Best Dog Grooming Experience
It is easy to help your dog enjoy either a day with a salon groomer or from an in home visit from one of our mobile dog groomers in your area. Following these few tips, your dog will have a great experience with a dog grooming specialist.
  1. Introduce your pet to the dog-grooming professional
  2. Make sure the professional knows all habits and how to control your pet
  3. Starting your pet with dog grooming at an early age will make the grooming sessions easier and less traumatic for the dog
  4. Dogs should undergo grooming often so that they are familiar and do not get ragged looking
Start by scheduling a salon or mobile dog grooming appointment with a grooming expert today.

Dog Grooming Providers

Each of our pre screened Mobile Dog grooming specialists has years of dog grooming experience. All Mobile Dog groomers that take part in The Groomer Match™ program have been through our rigorous pre screening process.

Certified Dog Groomers

Each certified Mobile Dog groomer in our Dog grooming network understands the importance of your Dog and deals primarily with dogs just like yours. Get started and find a Mobile Dog groomer with Groomer Match!